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What is it?

A team that shares joy together, works better together.

Team Bonding Camp is a 60 minute, customized experience based on fun creative thinking that helps your team approach collaboration in a new, more connected, and adventurous way. Productivity is not counter to joy; it is because of it. 

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Team Bonding Camp: Testimonials
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“The experience was really fun for everyone on my team and I haven’t seen some of them laugh so hard in quite a while. Elana and Katherine were very prompt and professional, delivering the final event flawlessly.”

Kevin, Trilogy Lacrosse

This Camp is for you if...

  • You are a team leader who wants to strengthen relationships on your team.

  • You are tired of team members keeping their videos OFF and want them to enjoy engaging.

  • Your team members has expressed feeling isolated and lonely, and want to feel more connected. 

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What happens at Camp?

Camp is 60-minutes of joy on Zoom. Here's an example camp itinerary. All camps are customized for your unique event!

  1. Ice breaker warm-up

  2. Problem solving activity

  3. Communication activity

  4. Imagination/Creative work

  5. Reflection & Gratitude

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What do I get?

  • Joy Expert Consultation to customize your event

  • A 60 minute customized camp addressing your identified goals and pain points

  • Company Culture Tie-In 

  • Program Recap includes camp highlights, group snap-shots, and memorable quotes

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How do I start?

With the push of a button! Request all the info you'll need below.

We can't wait to work with you.

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