What is it?

Celebration is vital to joy. 

Party camp is a 60-minute, customizable event designed to be fun, tailored and meaningful to all involved. Each event shines a light on your community and, through festive and hilarious games, conversations, activities, offers an hour of freedom from all the other noise going on in our lives. 

We host Graduation, Holiday, Baby Shower, Happy Hour, Retirement, Fundraising events, Reunions, and any other event that is important to you.

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“Camp Joy created a totally unique gathering for our family stretching from Italy to Hawaii, for ages 22 to 93. We laughed, danced, imagined, and played together in a way I never thought possible over Zoom. We are so grateful to have had this experience with Camp Joy!”

Maya, Holiday Family Party Camper

This Camp is for you if...

  • You have a special occasion that you want to celebrate, such as a baby shower, graduation, retirement party, bridal shower, wedding reception, etc.

  • You want your guests to experience a unique and customized virtual party that is intimate, fun, and engaging.

  • You want your face to hurt from smiling so much for an hour.

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What happens at Camp?

Camp is 60-minutes of joy on Zoom. Here's an example camp itinerary. All camps are customized for your unique event!

  1. Cheerful welcome and catch up

  2. Themed games and activities

  3. Customized Playlist

  4. Toasts, affirmations and joyful memory sharing


What do I get?

  • Joy Expert Consultation to customize your event

  • A 60 minute custom camp to infuse your life or workplace with joy

  • Program Recap includes camp highlights, group snap-shots, and memorable quotes


How do I start?

With the push of a button! Request all the info you'll need below.

We can't wait to work with you.