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What is it?

Creativity flowing. Blood pumping. You are ready. 

Hype Camp is a 30 minute, customizable experience designed to get you in the zone. Hype Camp is an invigorating session designed to help relieve your jitters, energize your body, and get you hyped for peak performance. If you or your group have a big project, deadline, presentation, conference, or life event coming your way, this is the Camp for you.

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Hype Camp: Testimonials
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“I signed up for a Hype Camp because I wanted Camp Joy to help me refocus and get my creative juices flowing for the year. I didn’t realize how much I craved a space like that until I was there. The Hype Camp event motivated me and got me pumped to take on the work I had in front of me.”

Hannah, Hype Camp Camper

This Camp is for you if...

  • You and your team are preparing for a big presentation, brainstorming session or meeting, and need a moment to connect and get your creative juices flowing.

  • You want to inspire your group going into the “big meeting” or “big day”.

  • You want to hire experienced facilitators to come in and hype everyone up.

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What happens at Camp?

Camp is 30-minutes of joy on Zoom. Here's an example camp itinerary. All camps are customized for your unique event!

  1. Stretch

  2. Ice breaker warm-up

  3. Intention/Goal writing sprints

  4. Rapid Fire Questions

  5. Group creative activity

  6. Centering & Visualization

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What do I get?

  • Joy Expert Consultation to customize your event

  • A 30 or 60 minute customized camp addressing your identified goals and pain points

  • Company Culture Tie-In 

  • Program Recap includes camp highlights, group snap-shots, and memorable quotes

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How do I start?

With the push of a button! Request all the info you'll need below.

We can't wait to work with you.

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