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What is it?

Our best selling camp!

The Challenge is a 60-minute, customizable event full activities that require maximum joy, presence, and teamwork. Your screen becomes an obstacle course, scavenger hunt, all-out EYE OF THE TIGER level joy fest field day extravaganza. The Challenge always brings much-needed relief to any stressful or monotonous day.

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Camp Joy Challenge: Testimonials

“Camp Joy curated a fun and inclusive Camp Joy Challenge for my large group of 55 participants! They worked closely with me to customize an event that engaged everyone from the 4-year-old to the 70-year-old. Their enthusiasm and delight was infectious and the event flowed smoothly and seamlessly.”

Maripat, Camp Joy Challenge Camper

This Camp is for you if...

  • You are curious how the heck we could make being on Zoom fun.

  • You want to provide your group with a high energy bonding event that combines competition, humor, and a break from the everyday. 

  • You often hear “Eye of the Tiger” in your head.

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What happens at Camp?

Camp is 60-minutes of joy on Zoom. Here's an example camp itinerary. All camps are customized for your unique event!

  1. Ultimate pump-up playlist

  2. Hot-seat ice breakers

  3. Team assignments

  4. Team naming & creation of team strategy

  5. Individual Challenges

  6. Crowning of Camp Champ

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What do I get?

  • Joy Expert Consultation to customize your event

  • A 60 minute custom camp to infuse your life or workplace with joy

  • Program Recap includes camp highlights, group snap-shots, and memorable quotes

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How do I start?

With the push of a button! Request all the info you'll need below.

We can't wait to work with you.

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