What is it?

Don't you dare deny yourself joy on your birthday.

Birthday Camp is a 60-minute, customizable event. No matter what your life circumstances, you deserve an amazing birthday. At your party, you will experience surprises, dance to your favorite music, and enjoy being the center of attention and adored by all the people who make you feel your best.

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“Camp Joy threw me the most incredible customized birthday party and my face hurt from smiling for the following 48-hours. I was so touched by how much work they invested in talking to my loved ones and making sure every aspect of the party was personalized."

Katie, Birthday Camp Camper

This Camp is for you if...

  • You don’t want the pandemic to mean that birthday parties are canceled.

  • You love celebrating your birthday or the birthday of your loved ones.

  • You want your face to hurt from smiling so much for an hour.

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What happens at Camp?

Camp is 60-minutes of joy on Zoom. Here's an example camp itinerary. All camps are customized for your unique event!

  1. Curated playlist

  2. Trivia all about the Birthday person

  3. Moments for the guests to toast, share memories and give compliments!

  4. Poll Mad-libs about the Birthday person and their coming year

  5. Group Competitions

  6. Tons of joyful surprises


What do I get?

  • Joy Expert Consultation to customize your event

  • A 60 minute custom camp to infuse your life or workplace with joy

  • Program Recap includes camp highlights, group snap-shots, and memorable quotes


How do I start?

With the push of a button! Request all the info you'll need below.

We can't wait to work with you.