At Camp Joy, we build, strengthen, and sustain communities through a lens of optimism; embracing life and all aspects of the human experience.

At Camp Joy, we choose optimism rather than pessimism. 

We choose a community model rather than a solely individualistic one. 

We choose collaboration and communication as the best path to productivity. 

We choose to respect each human experience as unique and individual.

We choose to be curious about how all humans are connected through joy. 

We created Camp Joy to bring joy back to the forefront of our minds and embrace every aspect of the human experience.



We have designed materials to bring joy into your virtual workplace and everyday lives. Use these free resources to connect with others and yourself more deeply.

Cultivate JOY with our cinematic focus playlist

A huge factor in productivity is how we view our surroundings. Music is a simple and joyful way to reframe how we see the world around us. We designed this playlist to induce feelings of being the hero in an epic feature film. Listen with great headphones to invigorate and focus your work session.

Build COMMUNITY in your virtual office by hosting fun and unexpected conversations

Are you having a hard time connecting to your co-workers because conversation outside of work feels forced?  We feel you. Starting non-work-related conversations on zoom can be tough. We have created a cheat sheet to help you take a meaningful and joyful 20-minute coffee break with colleagues.

Take ten minutes to release anxiety, REST your mind, and reset you day

What do you feel when you close your eyes? Is it a million overwhelming thoughts, to-do lists, concerns occupying your brain? We've created a 10-minute Creative Reset Exercise to help you focus your thoughts and prioritize what is most important.

Listen to your AUTHENTIC self with a bit of controlled chaos

Routine is wonderful but can get old. Surprise and change are necessary for positive mental health. We have created a week-long exercise in infusing a bit of unexpected fun into your day. Small commitments to surprise will keep you nimble, joyful, and energized.



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