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Why Camp Joy?

You deserve joy.

Embracing joy makes you realize there is much more to life than you thought. More than work, more than your to-do list, more than all the responsibility you "should" be taking on. One shared joyful experience with Camp Joy can shift your day's perspective, and that day can turn into a week. A month. A Year. A whole lifetime of prioritizing joy.

Camp Joy builds events that bring you and your community the specific joy that you need right now.


Our Camps

Our camps are 60-90 minute sessions, one time or recurring, that foster trust, communication and joy amongst a group of people. 

Click a camp below or take our quiz to find your perfect match!

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"Katherine and Elana are such attentive facilitators and made sure everyone had a great time. We still talk about the party in staff meetings."

Devin, WeWork Community Manager

Public Camps

Our Public Camps are one-time events and workshops built to foster new friendships, personal growth, and an ongoing community of joy-seekers. Check out what’s coming up below and sign up by yourself or with friends.

No upcoming events at the moment

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